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Reading the newest arXiv papers.

  • You can change your arXiv categories under 'Open settings' on the right of the Papers window.
  • You can request email notifications when new papers are available.
  • The daily list of papers is ordered by interest. Interest is defined by the papers you vote for and put in your library, and so becomes more customized to you over time.
  • When viewing the papers you have many options available. You can vote for the paper, add it to your library or recommend it to a colleague. You can also see the figures of the paper, its bibtex or leave a comment.

My Library and publication list.

  • When reading papers you have the option to put papers in your library.
  • Within the Library you can create as many library categories as you want.
  • Any library category can be downloaded as a bibtex file, which you can use when writing publications or grant applications.
  • The 'My papers' category is special in a sense, that it is linked to your user profile, so others can easily view your publication list.
  • Your publication statistics plots will update automatically once a day.

Start a journal club.

  • The journal club agenda shows the papers voted for by all members ordered by the number of votes.
  • You can volunteer to present a paper at the meeting by clicking on 'volunteer'.
  • You can transfer the journal club leadership under 'Open settings' on the right. Just pick another member under the 'Leader' dropdown menu.
  • If you want to skip the next meeting you can go to 'Open settings' and specify the next meeting date.
  • You have the choice between marking each paper as discussed manually or automatically clear the agenda after each meeting.


  • Using benty-search you can find all papers that are published on arXiv.
  • For each paper you have the usual options: read abstract, see paper figures, see bibtex, leave a comment, vote for the paper, add it to the library or recommend it to a colleague.

The Job Market

  • All the jobs you follow are included in a calender, where the application deadlines are highlighted.
  • You can sign up for daily/weekly/monthly email reminders for upcoming application deadlines.
  • The site also includes a rumor mill, where you can leave any information you might have about this job (this is anonymous and you can enter this information even without being logged in).
  • Currently the benty-fields job market site is synchronised with the HEP-SPIRES job market, the AAS job register and Mathjobs. If you think other job advertisement sites should be added, let us know at

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